Profile and Team

Southern Consultants, Incorporated (SCI) is a relatively small firm considering the volume and scope of our projects. SCI has a highly skilled professional labor force. Our team has over 100 years of civil engineering experience. Our company’s philosophy is team oriented, client driven and to partner with the other firms and professionals as each project warrants. This allows SCI to provide the most knowledgeable, experienced team for each project while also giving other small and minority firms a chance to gain experience.

Because of the quality of our work, we maintain excellent relationships in the work place and market place. Both professional and technical personnel maintain or exceed the required professional development hours for Professional Engineer classification. Our Chief Inspector has completed OSHA classes and other development courses required for construction observation. We are “hands-on” with every job and often have informal work sessions to problem solve and brainstorm. Each of our clients receives tailored attention and we expect to provide our clients with a quality finished product every time!

Susan H. Lunardini
Robert C. Lunardini, P.E., P.S.
James S. Stewart, P.E.
Michael A. Brownlee, P.E., P.S.